Cyber Risk Insurance has become an imperative protection facet for many businesses in this technological age. Making sure that any compromising scenarios are covered in your business is something MCA Insurance Brokers can certainly provide expert and up-to-the minute advice about. We will gladly help you determine the most effective Cyber Risk Insurance policy to protect you from the all-intrusive issues that may prevail. Talk to us today about the options that are available.

Based on Cyber Security Breaches, Cyber Risk Insurance can cover you for:

  • Crime Expenses
  • Third Party Liability
  • Business Income
  • Legal Liability
In today’s world, a significant part of a company’s assets is its information that is stored electronically and shared on networks (including cloud computing).

This critical data is at risk from accidental damage, hackers, viruses and malicious employees – and subsequently, your privacy can be breached. In addition, financial records, bank accounts and credit cards may be accessed by others.

Companies also owe a Duty of Care to protect their clients’ data.

Cyber Risk Insurance is designed to cover these essential corporate assets in the event that they are stolen, lost, destroyed, corrupted or even disclosed.

Your Cyber Risk Policy can also extend to cover:

  • Your company’s Civil Liability resulting from data breaches
  • Contractual fines
  • Expenses incurred in notifying individuals in the event of a privacy breach (where required by law)
  • The costs of actions taken to mitigate a larger liability
  • Liability arising from a breach of your statutory duties, and/or
  • Fees to engage a public relations or media management company

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