Committed to your protection

MCA Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Australian Financial Services Licence No: 240942
ABN: 68 005 522 181

We are committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwlth) and it is one of our prime concerns that any personal or sensitive information you provide to us is not used for any other purpose than that intended and expected by you. Our  Privacy Policy describes our current policies and practices in relation to the handling and use of personal information.

What information do we collect and how do we use it?
We collect the information we need to provide you with appropriate advice on insurance and financial services and to arrange these services with our product suppliers. We will usually need to give some or all of this information to these suppliers, some of whom may be located outside Australia.

When a claim is made under an insurance policy, we and our representatives and those of the insurer (including loss adjusters, investigators, medical advisers and lawyers) collect information about the claim, some of which may be personal. We may collect this information from you or from third parties.

We then provide this information to the insurer and those appointed to assist you in making a claim. The information may be passed on to your underwriters and reinsurers. We may also use your personal information internally to help us improve our services and resolve any problems.

What if you don’t provide some information to us?
We can only apply for and arrange financial service products if we have all the relevant information. The insurance laws also require the insureds to provide all the information required by the insurer to help them decide whether to insure you and on what terms. Credit providers also require specific information to help them assess any credit applications that we may facilitate on your behalf.

How do we hold and protect your information?
We hold the information we collect from you in our computer system and in our hard copy files.  We ensure that your information is safe by following the usual security procedures expected by our clients.

Will we disclose the information we collect to anyone?
We may disclose information to:

  • Insurers, underwriters, underwriting agencies, wholesale brokers and reinsurers (for the purpose of seeking recovery from them or to help them to assess insurance risks)
  • Premium funders/credit providers (for the purposes of gaining quotations on and arranging funding of your insurance premiums)
  • An investigator, assessor, state or federal health authorities, lawyers, accountants, medical practitioners, hospitals or other professional advisers (for the purpose of investigating or assessing your claim)
  • A lawyer or recovery agent (for the purpose of defending an action by a third party against you or recovering costs, including your excess)
  • Contractors who supply services to us (e.g. to handle mailings on our behalf)
  • An immediate family member
  • Other companies in the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganisation, dissolution or similar event

However, we will do our best to ensure that they protect the information in the same way that we do. We may provide this information to others if we are required to do so by law or under some other unusual circumstances which the Privacy Act permits. We do not sell, trade or rent personal information to others.

How can you check, update or change your information?
Upon receipt of your written request and enough information to allow us to identify the information, we will disclose to you the personal information we hold about you. We will also correct, amend or delete any personal information that we agree is inaccurate. If you wish to access or correct your personal information please write to the Privacy Officer, C/- our office.

We do not charge for receiving a request for access to personal information or for complying with a correction request. We do, however, reserve the right to charge you for all reasonable costs and outgoings specifically incurred in meeting your request for information.

Your consent
By asking us to provide you with our insurance broking and financial services, you consent to the collection and use of the information you have provided to us for the purposes described above.