Warren Haysom, Vasey RSL Care Ltd. (2015)

“MCA’s very professional, reliable and prompt service to our enquiries and claims (particularly when the circumstances are exceptional) is most appreciated, just as their attention to detail is when we’re seeking annual policy reviews and changes, that fit within our premium pricing expectations.  MCA do their research.  And when we have a claim that we feel is borderline for acceptance, they ably ensure we achieve success.  What we find very pleasing is their personalised, supportive and courteous manner in all things – we never feel like a number.”

Mark Burwood-Smith, Hayden Enterprises Pty. Ltd. (2014)

“MCA Insurance delivers! They’re timely, reliable, professional and helpful. Our experiences with MCA run smoothly from year to year, they’re very pleasant to deal with, and we appreciate John’s extensive experience and knowledge. Consequently, when we want great service and answers to our questions and insurance problems, MCA are able to provide solutions quickly – and that’s why we continue to deal with them.”

Jonathon Long, Long Contracting (2014)

“MCA Insurance makes us feel well looked-after. They promptly and efficiently assess and process our claims, and provide trouble-free service. We’ve remained a long-term client of MCA, as we’ve always found them to be a very reliable and responsible account manager, and we’re more than happy with their rapid and knowledgeable responses to our insurance needs and concerns.”

Michael Fullard, Australian Pacific Touring Group (2014)

“MCA Insurance has been our Broker for over thirty years. Why? Because we’re always comfortable in knowing that we will get the best insurance outcome possible that we can get – every time! They’re very professional, thorough, and consistently responsive in the time frame we ask for. They also demonstrate their high-level of efficiency and excellent communication skills, by letting us know exactly where our claims are at, throughout what is sometimes a complicated process.”

Michael Fullard, Australian Pacific Touring Group (2014)

“Our company requires insurance cover for camps throughout remote parts of Australia, and this is often difficult to obtain. As John and his team have such extensive experience and respect within his industry, they are always able to deliver a policy that suits our needs, and at a premium that we can accept. They’re so well-researched that we never have to second guess them, they‘ve taken the time to gain a very detailed knowledge of who we are and what we need, they give us options to choose from, their service is first class, and for all of those reasons our association with them is priceless.”

David Eccles, Blue Cross Residential And Community Care Group (2014)

“We trust in MCA to assist us with the insurance complexities surrounding our business as quality Aged Care providers. They provide excellent service, extensive knowledge, and they focus on what we want. Nothing is too much trouble. Their advice is always on target, their quality of delivery is always on time, they respect who we are and, in combination, that always gives us the peace of mind that we are fully protected with cover that suits our unique purpose.”