Material Damage

Your livelihood depends on things going right.  But sometimes they don’t.  At MCA, you can talk to us anytime and we’ll make sure you are covered all the way for all of your Material damage needs, including:

Aviation – Loss or damage to aircraft

Contract Works/Construction – Loss or damage to buildings or equipment during construction, installation, demolition or modification

Crop – Loss or damage to agricultural crops

Electrical Equipment – Loss or damage to electronic and electrical equipment arising from breakdown

Fidelity Guarantee – Loss as a result of fraud or dishonesty committed by employees

General Property – Loss or damage to mobile property

Householders – Loss or damage to domestic buildings and contents

Industrial Special Risks – Physical loss or damage to assets

Livestock – Loss or injury to livestock

Machinery Breakdown – Loss or damage to machinery arising from breakdown

Marine Hull – Loss or damage to commercial vessels

Marine Pleasure Craft – Loss or damage to pleasure craft

Marine Transit – Loss or damage to goods in transit

Motor Vehicle – Loss or damage to motor vehicles

Pressure Vessel/Boiler Explosion – Loss or damage to boilers and other machinery under pressure

Spoilage – Deterioration of stock resulting from the breakdown of refrigeration equipment


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